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BlackBird Guide Service

BlackBird Guide Service was founded on a love of being outdoors, creating long-lasting relationships, and of course, fishing.

They believe that fishing is just as much about having good conversation, making memories, and a good time just as much as it is about catching fish.

This belief expands beyond the basic business model and treats fishing as more of an experience. BlackBird Guide and the crew focus more on relationships and those special memories created along the way.


Because this mission makes them a little different than your average Wilmington, North Carolina Guide Service, they needed a website and branding that encapsulated their distinct style.

Their current site was nice, but it didn’t have that personal feel you get when you fish with Captain Cameron. In coastal North Carolina, charters are a dime a dozen, and this Captain knew that to stand out, he needed a professional and sleek website that gave potential clients a glimpse into the coastal guide experience. So, BlackBird and the Sage Island team worked together to create a new site that reflected all those things that are so important to their charter.


Beautiful coastal photos for a unique and personal look and feel.

BlackBird Guide Service’ss original images were black and white, and while beautiful and artistic, they left viewers feeling a little cold. They didn’t capture the magic of the North Carolina coast and the charisma of Captain Cameron.

Our team took advantage of the beautiful scenery that our coast has to offer, using large, high-quality images throughout the site to illustrate, clearly, beautifully, and vibrantly all that this charter service has to offer. These photos tell a visual story that stays with the user as they navigate the site.

A focus on informative details.

The bottom of the page contains all the information necessary to book a trip, including a simple “book a trip” button and rate details. These calls to action are strategically placed throughout the website to make it that much easier to access.

Keeping the site simple and those essential details easily accessible makes booking charters effortless for clients eager to get out on the water.

An organized yet eye-catching layout.

The Sage Island crew helped BlackBird Guide Service accomplish its goals of standing apart from its competitors, building a simple yet attention-grabbing website that fulfilled all its business’s marketing needs.

It includes an eye-catching header and bold images that capture the area’s coastal feel. It also has a brief welcome message loaded with SEO-friendly keywords to help this page rank and customers connect with this fantastic service.


In the end, building this website for our client was as memorable and fun as the services they provide. BlackBird Guide Service is a catch for any angler looking for an unforgettable day on the water.

blackbird guide service

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