Breaking Through the Noise to Communicate Your Brand

You watch your favorite morning television show, listen to the radio on your morning commute, surf the web at work, and are bombarded by advertisements all day. Over a single day, a typical adult will see thousands of ads.

So how can your company break from all that media noise to actually invite potential customers to interact with your brand? Here are some tips to help your company stand out and break through the noise to communicate your brand in a media-saturated world.

Build a solid corporate identity.

This is your brand and how you project this to the world. A clear and legible logo that is memorable and visually represents your business will help your potential customers to remember your company. A strong logo can include a mark, a tagline, or an image to fully express your brand. The colors and professionalism will also affect how consumers perceive your brand.

But don’t forget that a brand isn’t just a logo. When you are working to build your brand and its messaging, implement brand guidelines. A company that lacks brand guidelines is going to look inconsistent. This will present your company as unprofessional and not credible. So, if you don’t have brand guidelines, make sure to develop them immediately. When you do, make sure to cover these areas:

  • Tone, voice, and style
  • Color schemes
  • When, how, and where to use the logo
  • Visuals and imagery
  • Phraseology and taglines
  • Fonts and typography

Brand guidelines make it easier to coordinate content assets across every platform your company is represented, such as your website, social media pages, ads, and more. With a pre-determined style guide, you can guarantee that your brand and its messaging are cohesive across all channels and communications. It also allows you to reinforce your brand identity and credibility.

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Utilize non-traditional communication.

By thoroughly researching and knowing your target audiences, you will have insightful information about the activities they participate in and the places they go. Use this knowledge as a source to reach out to the customers.

This can also include advertising with complementary products. Diversify where and how you communicate with potential customers.

Offer superior value.

What makes you different from your competitors? Is it excellent and responsive customer service, fast lead times, or a high-quality product? Customers want to know what value your products and services offer.

How you communicate these value-added attributes of your products and services will significantly influence how potential consumers perceive your brand. Make your company memorable by providing a superior value to your customers and clearly communicating this distinctive trait.

Become customer-centric.

According to Forbes, brands with superior customer experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue than their competitors.

Customer-centricity is a business approach that involves putting the customer’s interest first throughout the development life cycle of a product or service; making the customer the heart of the business affects decisions in their favor.

The early awareness of the customers’ needs deepens the user-brand connection and creates long-term business relationships that improve business growth. What’s more, this promotes positive experiences, enhances customer loyalty, and enables overall satisfaction.

When it comes to communicating your brand, we don’t believe in skimming the surface. Instead, Sage Island will dive deep to find the ideas and values that make your business stand out, then transform those facts into captivating messaging to grow your consumer base.

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