Case Study:

Carolina Star Safety

Carolina Star Safety Conference Inc. is a nonprofit organization that offers and promotes education about safety and health best practices in the workplace.

The leaders recognized the need for modern and relevant safety information throughout the state of North Carolina.

Passionate about the safety of workers, the Carolina Star Safety Conference is made up of over 150 leading companies throughout North Carolina and governed by a volunteer board of directors from Carolina Star Program companies who are enthusiastic about workplace safety. In speaking with the Carolina Star Safety team, their passion and excitement are evident, and they needed a website that reflected this. 


Carolina Star Safety already had a good-sized following, but the website wasn’t as cutting-edge as their approach to workplace safety. We also wanted the site to convey the lively personalities of the people behind Carolina Star Safety. So, it was imperative that the website be the perfect balance of professionalism and fun.

To present a professional and comprehensive look to the Carolina Star Safety members, we needed to update the overall design and approach of its website. Sage Island’s team was excited to assist the organization in a revamp of its online presence in preparation for future conferences.  


Made the site user-friendly.

A new website means a fresh chance at user experience and navigation. So, our team took a look at the overall organization of the existing site, the changes that the client wanted, and arranged the pages in a more succinct and logical way. 

This meant combining some of the pages for easier access and readability in some cases. In others, it meant merely expanding the content to suit Carolina Star Safety’s needs. We added engaging calls to action, made registration easy to find, and built up the team profiles to reflect their style. 

Updated content.

In addition to making the site easy to navigate, the content itself needed to communicate essential points clearly. Our copywriting team compiled and cleaned up company information, resulting in pages that are easier to understand, and more importantly, easier to reach current and potential conference attendees.  

Focus on design and vibrant colors.

In addition to some new graphic elements, we worked with Carolina Star Safety to brighten up the website with bold accents and graphics. Features such as the video header and the register call to action button on the homepage stand out among the vibrant colors and backdrops.   


Carolina Star Safety now has an updated and responsive website, created to simplify processes for conference attendees.  

Their team is dedicated to worker safety, and we are committed to assisting them in revitalizing their user’s experience starting from the first point of contact – the website.  

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