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CTS – Cincinnati Thermal Spray

CTS is a powerful ally in the fight against the destruction of essential parts with decades of hands-on experience and proven success.

Their focus is on high-quality thermal spray coatings to protect important mechanisms and components within the industries of aerospace, automotive, medical, oil and gas, steel, and more. They are motivated to make your business run smoother, stronger, & without corrosion for more extended periods. With decades of experience and expertise in thermal spray technology, their expert staff of engineers is eager to find the proper coating for their client’s products, processes, and projects.


CTS enlisted Sage Island to redesign its existing website to achieve a more modern look and intuitive navigation.

Because the CTS website needs to be easily accessed and perused by so many customers, it was important for the Sage Island team to think of the overall look, feel, and functionality. Another priority was the content and navigability, from our client’s perspective and those who would be using it.


Organization and structure. 

The key to a service-related website’s success is ensuring its intended audience can easily find the relevant pages and functions in as little time as possible.

With that in mind, our team took a good look at the most frequently reviewed items, along with feedback from the client, and arranged the page hierarchy. We also arranged the calls to action on the home page to make sense to and better serve CTS’s typical customer base.

Simple navigation. 

The new website now has a beautifully organized central hub for the CTS brand, making searches and navigation for their clients clean and straightforward. We then revamped the dop menus at the top of the homepage to make things easy for current and potential clients.

User-friendly content. 

The world of coasting technology is based on specific technical speak, but it was crucial that the site also appeals to everyday people. In addition to a more organized menu and easy navigation pages, the content itself needed to communicate important points clearly and concisely with less jargon.

Our copywriting team compiled company information and existing content. We tidied up, added new details, and more calls to action, and transfer to the new site, resulting in pages that are easier to understand and easier to use.


The final result is a robust and professional website that suggests innovation, efficiency, and resilience – which is precisely what the team at CTS is all about! Their new website truly encapsulates its brand and everything that their team considers essential.

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CTS - Cincinnati Thermal Spray

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