Designing a Logo for Mosquito Patrol 

Mosquito Patrol is a local Wilmington company that keeps your seasonal outdoor events lively and safe with bug repellent treatments. They offer Mosquito Protection Plans that treat your entire property for mosquitoes with a thorough, consistent application.

The Mosquito Patrol team will address the problem at its core– by eliminating the mosquitoes and their breeding grounds from your property altogether.  

As a new company that was going through a rebranding process, they needed a few things. A unique and fresh logo was the best place to get started.  


The first step in creating a logo for the Mosquito Patrol was establishing a concept that reflected their authority and efficiency. It also needed to convey that family-friendly vibe, since that is a big part of their mission.   

Our talented graphic design team wanted to ensure the logo truly showcased the Mosquito Patrol company and the much-needed services they offer.  


We focused on an icon logo design, the font of the signature, and the color scheme to guarantee Mosquito Patrol would fit in among the industry. Our designers came up with several preliminary sketches and color schemes as they worked toward a solution that embraced the world of extermination yet stood apart from the crowd. It was essential that the logo mark fit the niche of its target demographic, while still reflecting the company and services. The shield-shaped icon with the geometrically designed mosquito in the middle was the ideal combination.  

The color scheme was also crucial to this design. We experimented with several color pallets but finally settled with the muted orange and brown colors that echo nature and the outdoors. They are rugged and organic colors that offer just the right amount of pop that blended nicely with the signature.   

The logo signature was the final piece of the puzzle. Since Mosquito Patrol is the leading authority in yard treatments, we wanted to mimic that in the font. The design echoes their standard of service while playing on the word patrol and emphasizing the expertise of the company.    


After a few rounds of brainstorming, tweaking, finalizing, a new logo was born. After all, perfection takes time, and we are all about creating the ultimate final product for our clients. The Mosquito Patrols’ new logo is strong and authoritative and suggests protection and safety— much like the company itself!  

If your company is looking for a robust logo that represents your brand, contact the Sage Island team today.  

In the meantime, inspect the Mosquito Patrols’ new logo a little closer here! 


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