Case Study:

Designing a Logo for Topsail Engineering

Topsail Engineering is a civil engineering company located in Surf City, North Carolina where topsail beach and the sea are their inspiration, so they wanted to echo this in their logo.

Being an environmentally conscious company Topsail Engineering wanted to give a nod to the beauty of the nature that surrounds them with a fresh, new logo.


Topsail Engineering’s goal is to raise the standard of living in our communities through the services they offer in the construction industry.

Completing a thorough job on time is their number one priority, and all these things needed to be conveyed within their logo.


We thought it was best to place a significant focus on the signature portion of their logo because of the client’s goals. The design team added a nautical element to the font and imitated the ocean waves with the playful curves and serene color scheme. But because of the nature of their commercial construction business, we needed to keep it professional and clean as well. The font we chose, paired with the refreshing color scheme, is the perfect balance of creativity and professionalism.

The icon was the next piece of the logo puzzle. The final result was one of a few different ones our graphic design team created. We really wanted to emphasize the T and E, and like Topsail Engineering, make those letters stand out among the rest. The cube references the 3-D structure aspect of what they do and paired with the signature it is the perfect representation of the company.


The final result is a robust logo that suggests innovation, efficiency, and responsiveness – which is exactly what the team at Topsail Engineering is all about!

Their new logo truly encapsulates its brand and everything that their team considers essential.

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Check out Topsail Engineerings’ new logo below!

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