Case Study:

Georgia Academy of Family Physicians

The Georgia Academy of Family Physicians [GFAP] mission is to promote the health of the citizens of Georgia by advancing the specialty of family medicine through education, advocacy, and service to family physicians in the state of Georgia.

Their goal is patient-centered care that extends beyond physical needs to the heart of the family, and they needed to convey this message through a thoughtful website redesign. 


GFAP needed a fresh, updated website that served marketing and informational purposes that reflected its mission. The Sage Island design team worked with our client to improve the site, focusing on the main marketing goal — driving membership registration — and then offering advocacy resources for patients and practitioners in one convenient location.


Website reorganization. 

The GAFP’s former site design was a little outdated and unorganized. To accomplish their goals of gaining memberships and promoting education, it was crucial to update the layout. 

GFAP’s previous website followed a standard block design, so we decided to shake things up by adding custom-designed buttons and calls-to-action to help direct users toward the various landing pages and essential points of the website.   

Updated content.

With the organization focusing on driving memberships and advocacy, some of the previously used content needed to be tweaked to fit the new vision. 

The new site now contains relevant and informative copy that doesn’t overwhelm the user but gives a clear picture of the goals of GFAP.

Design and color adjustments.

In addition to some new graphic elements, we worked with GFAP to brighten up the website with bolder accents that matched the logo. Features such as our headers and the highlighted testimonials on the homepage stand out more with the warm backdrops and edges.   


Everything the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians needs in one easy-to-navigate place? Mission accomplished!

Check out their new website here!

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