What started as cultivating fresh cut flowers in our greenhouses, Hempfrog is now creating stellar and organic CBD products on a 30-acre farm in the beautiful countryside of North Carolina.

The Hempfrog farmers are on a mission to help and heal people, and the Hempfrog company a whole is driven by the desire to help customers live their best and healthiest lives.  

The Hempfrog team are seasoned professionals with a passion for connecting the goodness of the earth with wellness for people. To reach that goal, they needed a modern website that reflects their desire to help people and the revitalizing nature of their product.  


Hempfrog, LLC. started as a subsidiary of Castle Hayne Farms when the N.C. hemp act was formed in 2016. After receiving all the necessary permits, Hempfrog, LLC. was formed to grow high-quality hemp for CBD production in a controlled environment. They needed a website that was completely separate from Castle Hayne Farms so each farm could build their own identity.  

Hempfrog needed a fresh look to complement its unique business plan. This meant a revamped website, new taglines, and content, and updated photos to visually represent the company. To create something that would give them a professional, yet fun image, the Sage Island team combined the best of both worlds and worked with the Hempfrog founders to establish a one-of-a-kind brand.    


A tranquil color palette 

Earthy and muted choices kept in line with the overall tropical vibe of Hempfrogs products and mantra, without compromising a professional, clean presentation to potential customers.   

Tagline and content development 

The Sage Island team wanted Hempfrog to stand out from the rest in the extremely competitive CBD market, and part of that was making sure the company made a big statement with its online presence. To do this, taglines and conversational dialogue were inserted into the new web pages to facilitate the company message. We also used this platform to educate customers about the benefits of CBD, and the quality product customers are getting with the Hempfrog product.  

New E-commerce platform 

Our programmers worked hard to create an organized layout that made it easy to find Hempfrog’s many amazing products. In today’s busy world, this new site needed to be clean, polished, and easy to navigate. As customer service is a top priority for the company, it was essential that their clients be able to find and filter products easily.  

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Sage Island was on a mission to give this client precisely what they wanted and needed. Their new site is polished and user-friendly, all while maintaining the natural, easy-going vibe of the Hempfrog farm life.  

With a new e-commerce platform, fresh layout, and appealing colors that give visitors a real sense of the Hempfrog experience, it’s the complete package for our client and their customers.  

Why not hop on over and check it out for yourself: www.hempfrog.com

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