Marketing Materials for MMEP Flooring Markets

Where do flooring retailers, manufacturers, distributors, interior designers, and builders go for the industry’s best flooring products? The Flooring Markets tradeshows, of course!

Unfortunately, because of the global pandemic, things have changed for tradeshows. So, it was essential to let vendors and attendees know that Flooring Markets would still be going strong this year, but there would be protocols in place.

Sage Island put a lot of time and effort into helping the Flooring Markets focus on its brand identity, as well as how they are working to keep people safe at their events that fall under their umbrella. To do this, we needed to create marketing materials, tradeshow graphics, and web designs that brought all of these needs together and promoted the 2021 events.

Campaign toolkit pattern with logo lockup.

When it came down to the Flooring Markets’ logos, campaign toolkits, and color schemes, the idea was to enhance what the brand they already had, not facilitate any major alterations.

Loyal attendees and vendors already recognized the logo, so that part of the process was relatively simple for this particular project. We did want to give their brand a slight makeover to encapsulate their identity and the new year.

Post Cards

Flooring Market tradeshows have a lot to offer those in the industry. It was crucial that we convey that message while ensuring the dates and locations were highly visible. Some other important focus points include were:

  • COVID safety protocols and procedures.
  • Pre-Registration.
  • Promo Code for free registration.

But how to show off some of the fantastic benefits of attending these shows with such limited space? Our content needed to make a significant impact with as little copy as possible. In addition to utilizing high-impact copy, we used attention-grabbing images complemented with vibrant colors and a sleek, high gloss finish.

Bi-fold Brochures

The main objective in creating the brochure was to sell the positive aspects of attending Flooring Markets. In addition, we needed to promote the fresh, new 2021 tagline “Source Regionally, Grow Exponentially.”

Each Flooring Marketing tradeshow had its own brochure, which showcased enticing images of the area and information about their “safe visit initiative.”

Tradeshow Graphics.

Tradeshow graphics are an essential piece to any tradeshow. Tradeshow graphics such as banners, signs, backdrops, pop-up displays, help develop a brand personality and more.

Color plays a critical role when creating tradeshow graphics because of its ability to establish a tradeshow space’s mood. So, developing a bold color pallet was a top priority for our designers. We focused on color harmony and tying in the vivid colors of current graphics with the already established logo colors. By following the proper rules of color harmony we created aseptically pleasing graphics that attracted prospects and created a sense of visual order for Flooring Markets exhibits.

For the Flooring Markets’ 2021 campaign, everything needed to come back to selling more flooring with a focus on keeping attendees safe.

Are you ready to brand – or maybe rebrand – your business or tradeshow? Contact Sage Island and let’s get started!

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