Motts Channel Seafood Market

Motts Channel Seafood is a family-owned Wrightsville Beach market that’s been in business for over 30 years.

As a local staple, they take pride in offering the freshest local seafood available from our North Carolina waters. They have local fishermen who bring their fresh catch to the docks daily.

Motts Channel Seafood Market carry’s everything you need to complete your entire seafood meal, from homemade key lime pies to the most savory seasonings. If you’re looking for inspiration for your seafood meal, Motts Channel Seafood is the place for you.


Motts tasked Sage Island with redesigning its website to showcase the extensive range of services and products.

The new website needed to serve both marketing and informational purposes. They needed a site that focuses on their marketing goals while incorporating essential details like the Motts backstory and all the fantastic products they have to offer.


A contemporary design.

The website got a redesign for a fresh and renewed effect. Our design team arranged for a cleaner page layout and subtle changes to include some white space, new fonts, smoother transitions, and more on brand colors. In the end, the pages all look professional yet relaxed and inviting.

Functional e-commerce platform.

Our programmers worked hard to create an organized, highly functional e-commerce platform layout. It’s now easy for website visitors to find and purchase their gift and apparel products.

Fun videography.

The Sage Island design team incorporated updated photos and videography to highlight Motts’ fresh products while giving a glimpse into behind-the-scenes. This tells the company’s story, puts a face to the website, and makes them more relatable to their customer base.

This videography and new recipe blog page build credibility, connect with customers, and help bridge any virtual gaps.

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With a new e-commerce platform, fresh layout, and attention-grabbing videos, visitors get a true sense of the Motts experience; it’s the complete package for our client and their customers.

If you’re ready for more sales and a better company brand this year, contact the expert crew at Sage Island today!

Motts Channel Seafood

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