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Neighbors of Landfall Realty Splash Page

Landfall Realty is a tight-knit team of real estate brokers with 100 years of combined real estate experience. They are Landfall specialists, here to specifically broker homes for sale in the highly sought-after community of Landfall here in Wilmington, NC.

One of their most beautiful properties just wasn’t getting the exposure it needed, so they came to Sage Island for some help.


One of the ideas implemented was a splash page that featured only the property located on Summer Rest Road.

In the world of Realty, splash pages can … make quite a splash. They are budget-friendly and the perfect solution for the quick listings that come on and off the market quickly. There are many homes for sale in coastal North Carolina, so it was vital that this property find a way to stand out in the crowd. Sage Island got busy working to build an eye-catching page that showcased all the home’s fantastic features.


The color scheme is professional yet pops with touches of this coastal blues and greens. The font is clean, crisp, and easy to read. The splash page is full of pertinent information highlighting the listing’s marketable qualities, such as its price, the quiet street, and the private dock.

Our graphic designers used lively fonts and large, eye-catching images to capture the beauty of this home and the laid-back coastal vibe that comes with living so close to Wrightsville Beach.

We also optimized the content to help the website with its organic search ratings, ultimately gaining the property listing optimal exposure among its target audiences.

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This splash page allows Landfall Realty to communicate with potential buyers before having that full, in-depth conversation. It is an engaging preview that establishes a strong web presence for this client. The new page fulfills its purpose of standing out, informing its audience, and drawing them in with all the amazing this home has to offer.

A splash page was an excellent use of a tool that separated campaigns, built a brand identity to get the necessary results! And it worked, as this property is now pending!

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