Six Ideas for Digitally Connecting with your Customers

Being digital is an essential extension of your company and its brand, and the digital world is the perfect place to share your personality and increase your following.

While some may not see social media or other online platforms as the most personal way to build relationships with customers, if it’s done the right way, you can create lasting and meaningful connections.

Providing a robust digital experience for your customers can increase satisfaction and build brand loyalty. While sales will come from digital media, your customers primarily come there to have fun and get a behind the scenes peek at your brand. It is vital to modify your digital strategies to meet their expectations. Here are six ways you can digitally connect with your online audience and keep them coming back for more.

Build lasting, online relationships.

The most successful tool to build stronger customer relationships is by creating personalized customer experiences that are exclusive to your business and the individual consumer. Today’s customers expect personalized messaging that goes beyond just addressing them by name; they want positive experiences that satisfy their needs.

Your business can interact with customers by using relative messaging that utilizes their location, the type of mobile device they are using, or other brands they follow. You can implement a solution for personalized product recommendations on-site, in email campaigns, and social media display ads. Personalized messaging strengthens engagement and increases sales, helping to build long-lasting relationships.

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Connect via social media.

Some might believe that social media is a bit impersonal when it comes to establishing and nurturing relationships. But the reality is that when you become an expert, meaningful connections can be made through multiple social media platforms.

Every business will connect with its target audience and its customers in different ways, but there are a few guidelines you can use to your advantage. If you want to build lasting, meaningful connections with your customers on social media, some strategies include:

  • Start discussions- Converse with your customers using engaging and caring dialogue. Genuine, two-way communication is critical because people need to trust a brand.
  • Have fun- don’t make it all about business. In addition to business-related topics, share other content your audience will enjoy and share.
  • Use multiple forms of communication- social media plays a huge role in customer communication these days. Use it to your advantage and give your customers many options for contacting you.
  • Give customers a glimpse behind the scenes- people love feeling included so give them a behind the scenes look into your company’s world.

Embrace video.

Video marketing is a rapidly growing trend in the digital marketing community. Video is particularly appealing because it allows viewers to have immediate experiences and opens the door for more conversations. Live video can be used for product launches, hosting Q&A’s, promoting how-to videos, conducting interviews, giving tours, and more. Companies need to keep in mind the appeal of live video and how it can be used to expand their customer connections.

Send exciting email content.

Sick of writing the same boring email newsletter? If you are sick of writing them, your customers are probably sick of receiving them. It’s easy to get into an everyday rut of blasting out just one type of email to your prospects and clients. Mixing your email marketing up a bit makes it easier for you to come up with fresh, engaging content.

We all want to make and send exciting content that is appealing to subscribers to help lift engagement and hopefully increase revenue. When customers receive a steady stream of relevant and useful emails, they’ll be more likely to engage with and trust your brand. Some ideas for exciting email content include:

  • Ask for feedback.
  • Conduct giveaways.
  • Announce breaking news.
  • Launch new products.
  • “Best of” list.
  • Utilize holiday and seasonal content.
  • Sneak previews.
  • Behind the scenes.
  • Promote sales.
  • Thank you’s to followers.

Show your appreciation.

Letting your customers know they are appreciated can help keep them happy, as well as give you an edge over your competitors. Showing gratitude to your audience, whether it be on your website, through emails, or social media, should be a regular activity of your marketing strategy.

Connecting with your online audience on a personal level will resonate with your customer base. For example, if your fans mention your company on social media, take the time to reply to them or share their message.

Ask for feedback and implement those ideas.

Gathering information about the preferences and opinions of your audience has never been easier. Consumers love to share their views online, and your fans will be more than willing to share their thoughts. All you need to do is give them an idea and an outlet. One of the simplest ways to do this is by creating a poll, or post a question with your content on social media

It’s important to listen to your customers to find out how you can improve your business. While collecting feedback is crucial to a successful business, it’s almost pointless if you don’t use it in a meaningful way. Be sure to create a document with all of the customer feedback you receive, separating complaints and suggestions. You should professionally handle the claims and integrate any useful ideas into your business strategy. This should be done regularly because when your customers see that you are listening to them, they will be more forthcoming with feedback in the future.

The allure of digital connections is to create a more intimate relationship with your customer base. Use all your digital platforms to offer exclusive insights to your brand and design a unique experience for your customers. The key to keeping your audience engaged is by adding value to their lives through your original branded content. If you are just sharing your online catalog shots or reposting memes, then where is the incentive for your audience, continue working towards a connection?

You want to create fresh content that commands their attention. What can you teach your audience, share with them, or use to inspire them? By creating on-brand content that adds value to your customer, you will be able to invite them in a little closer while showcasing your company at the same time.

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