What is Content Marketing?

When you hear the phrase “content marketing,” where does your mind go first? Blog posts? Email newsletters? Social media promotions?

The truth is that content marketing encompasses all of these things and more. From the shortest post on Twitter, to an in-depth blog post or landing page, content marketing takes care of the words that present your messages in the best possible way to your target audiences, whoever they may be.

Social Media

In today’s market, some of the more powerful tools we have at our disposal are various forms of social media. Everyone seems to be active on at least one channel, from Facebook to Twitter, to Instagram or YouTube. So when your brand wants to get a message out there, it’s a safe bet that social media will help it gain a little traction, provided you deliver it appropriately. Your content marketing strategy comes into play through targeted ads as well as finely tuned copy, all geared toward your followers to hopefully encourage sales and engagements, and therefore boost your online presence in the process.

Website Components

The color scheme and overall design of your website is key to gaining and retaining your clients, just as your style and engagement level is what sustains your social media relevance. All of that would be lost, though, if you didn’t have the informational and pertinent copy to back it all up. While you want the site to be visually appealing, it needs to give your clients what they’re looking for in terms of product or service details, background, cost, your brand’s personality and values; the list goes on.

Content marketing strategy can help you tie all of this in with a great design to make for a better overall user experience, as well as boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) return. Use landing pages, blog posts, and calls to action to drive your clients’ activity and engagement with the website, all while showing them how important it is to you that they get what they need from the visit in order to retain their interest.

No matter how you use your content, or in what format, it’s vital that you hone in on what it is you need to convey to your clients and how they will respond to certain messages. With that in mind, you’ll be able to recreate the best possible voice and copy to suit your brand’s needs, and strengthen you content marketing strategy so that it works for you. If you don’t know where to begin, or just want a fresh set of eyes to assess the effectiveness of your current plan, contact an experienced marketing agency like Sage Island and start optimizing your content sooner, rather than later.

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