How to Achieve Brand Cohesiveness

Consistency is key.

We hear that phrase a lot, and it can span plenty of different areas both personally and professionally. But it’s especially important when it comes to marketing materials for brands of all sizes and scope.

In reality, a significant portion of the marketing battle relies on brand cohesiveness. Without a steady guideline for all of your materials to follow, it’s much harder for potential customers or clients to recognize it among all the others floating around on the internet or out in the world. Recognition leads to trust, trust leads to interest, and interest leads to, well – leads!

So how do you achieve brand cohesiveness and start setting yourself apart? The experts here at Sage Island are so glad you ask.

What’s your story?

In a saturated market – and thanks to the internet, just about every market is in fact saturated – it’s crucial to have and share your brand’s story. Sit down with your team and think about how it all began. You don’t have to have a star writer to record the important details; that’s where someone like a marketing copywriter comes in. Focus instead on the facts: who was there to kick around the first ideas and get things moving, why the business came together in the first place, what you hope to do for your customers or clients, and any goals you have for the future. If your company were a person, this would be the equivalent as taking notes for a profile article or even a biography. So don’t leave anything out – what makes you tick?

Got a signature color (or two)?

Once you’ve established what’s at the core of your brand, it’s time to address the aesthetics. You never get a second shot at a first impression, so make these decisions count. Colors, images, fonts, even just concepts or impressions: all of these will help your graphic designers and branding specialists build the brand’s look from the ground up, starting with the logo. Once these have been hashed out, don’t deviate all over the map when creating your website and other marketing materials unless you’re willing to completely rebrand. These visually stimulating elements are what your audiences will recognize time and time again.

How do you keep the conversation going?

You’ve got a story, and you’ve got the visual aids. Now, you need the words to move things along. Work with a copywriter to list words and phrases you definitely do want associated with your brand, as well as a comprehensive category of no-nos. In the future, this will help your marketing team quickly work out messaging for your campaigns and materials, as well as give your social media feeds consistency and a definite tone that your followers can get behind. Where those messages show up will be up to your marketing experts to ascertain, but remember to suggest platforms that fit your business. For example, you don’t need Twitter activity if your business is mostly visual, just like you don’t need to populate an Instagram feed with stock photos if your brand is more focused on results that occur on the back end.

Who are you trying to reach?

You’ll also want to check in with your marketers periodically to make sure that all of your consistent branding is always in line with the most important aspect of the whole process: your audience! Developing personas, paying attention to client feedback, and keeping an eye on those metrics will help keep your brand in line and on message. That frees you up to join the conversation when someone on your team suggests trying something new or beefing up your business by expanding your services or products. Because just like your brand’s identity, your company exists to mold to consumer needs and wants. Let your marketing team be your eyes and ears on the ground to help your brand grow, yet stay true to its roots.

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