Case Study:

Building a Brand with the Preserve at Tidewater

The Challenge

The Preserve at Tidewater is a brand new residential community in Sneads Ferry, North Carolina.

When the people behind The Preserve came to Sage Island they had a name, a vision, and not much else. The real estate market on the coast of North Carolina is very competitive, and The Preserve needed a savvy marketing plan that highlighted the various ways their community is unique and also drummed up excitement. There was just one problem: they hadn’t yet broken ground.

The Solution

While promoting something that doesn’t technically exist can be challenging, Sage Island was excited for the opportunity to help The Preserve build their brand from the ground up. Our strategies included a number of tactics.

Defining the target market.

  Our first step was to define the groups of people most likely to live at The Preserve. Onslow County, where Sneads Ferry is located, is home to Camp Lejeune, a military base. The Preserve wanted to position itself as a community for military families, a place that upheld our shared American values of freedom and land, while also appealing to retirees and younger people who might be drawn to the natural beauty of the area. Sage Island’s first step, then, was to create “character sketches” providing detailed descriptions to define and describe the prospective home buyers at The Preserve. Once we created a total of three characters—Michael Brady, a marine and family man; Eric Williams, and investment banker and surfer; and Sandra and Eddy, a retired couple from Vermont looking for a home in warmer climates—we were able to craft marketing materials and messaging that appealed directly to these “people.”

Designing a virtual home.

Sage Island specializes in modern website designs that capture the look and feel of a brand. This was essential for The Preserve, because until the homes and community were built, the website served as the primary portal to The Preserve’s lifestyle and community. The website was designed using large, eye-catching imagery of marshes and tides, people kayaking and fishing, and photos of the native flora and fauna that inhabit the area. With different pages for “lifestyle,” “community,” “location,” and “news,” (a blog, authored by Sage Island, that delves deeper into local attractions and amenities while improving SEO) the vibe of The Preserve is immediately clear to visitors looking for more information.

Building a community.

In addition to character sketches and website design, Sage Island’s marketing team also embarked on a social media marketing campaign. This strategy increased brand awareness, but it also generated excitement and a sense of anticipation for the project. We launched accounts for The Preserve on Facebook and Twitter, and began fostering and growing communities on both of these platforms. By posting a mixture of beautiful photography, links to The Preserve’s website, local news, trending topics, and behind-the-scenes progress photos of The Preserves construction, we’ve cultivated an active and engaged audience of potential customers who are looking forward to the grand opening of this living community. As one recent commenter said, “It looks so perfect!”

The Results

  • The Preserve’s Facebook community gained over 2,700 fans within 4 months of the launch date.
  • The Preserve’s Twitter account earns an average of nearly 500 impressions per day.

If your brand or business needs a fresh start, a new look, or a eye-catching debut, contact Sage Island today and let our team build your image from the ground up.

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