Case Study:

Coastal Living Homes, LLC  

A premier new home construction business located in Wilmington, NC, Coastal Living Homes, LLCspecializes in capturing the customized details that turn a house into a real home. 

Whether you’ve lived in the area for years and want to settle into your own dream house, or are looking for a fresh start in southeastern North Carolina, Coastal Living Homes has the expertise and resources to get you home.  


Because the owner of the business, Ronnie Cook, has been in construction for more than a decade, his reputation for quality homes and customer service was already well established in the area. Using that momentum, but also making changes to the content on the company’s website to better match its current service areas and specialties, required a balancing act between design and copywriting.  


Site organization 

A new website means a fresh chance at user experience and navigation. So, our team took a look at the overall organization of the existing site, the changes that the client wanted to see in the redesign, and arranged the pages to come in a concise, logical way. This meant combining some of the pages for easier access and readability in some cases, and in others simply expanding the content to suit Coastal Living Homes’ needs.    

Content development 

With the company refocusing on its ability to build a custom home and less on the outdoor additions that it once featured on the older website, some of the previously used content needed to be tweaked in order to fit the new vision. By the time all was said and done, the new site contained informative copy that didn’t overwhelm the user, but that gave a clear picture of what new clients could expect when they hired the company.   

Imagery and design  

Because Coastal Living Homes has been a part of so many gorgeous construction projects, our team wanted to showcase some of its best work. We included plenty of examples of the kinds of materials and results homeowners would see, made sure the portfolio was on display and easily accessed, and highlighted the company’s attention to quality and detail.  


Coastal Living Homes’ new site is fresh and crisp, perfect for appealing to potential home buyers that want a beautiful home with a coastal feel.  See the results here 

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