Create the Perfect Theme for Your Instagram with These Five Tips

Do you ever find yourself getting lost in Instagram cyberstalking and think, “Why doesn’t my page look like this?” or “How did they get so many followers?!”

These are the feeds that don’t even allow you time to think twice before pressing the “follow” button. If you find yourself in an Instagram rut without any growth in followers or double taps per photo, then fear not! Believe it or not, there is an art and a strategy to developing that perfectly flowing Instagram account, and we are going to give you a few tips to kick start your cyber fame and create the perfect theme for your Instagram!

Find inspiration from other feeds.

Start insta-stalking (is that a word?) pages for #inspo! As you search, take note of the profiles that stick out to you. Each feed has a different tone or theme, so pick a style that is most appealing to you and think about the following:

  • What kind of photos do you like to see?
  • What about the account resonates with you?
  • Is it similar to your industry?
  • Do you notice a pattern?
  • What kind of photos do you like to take? Pick one that you love!

After all, you’re the one who is represented on your page. Once you find your inspiration, it’s time to get your theme started.

What’s the big picture?

Like any business or mission you are drawn to, it’s essential to know your big-picture goal when creating your theme.

Begin to establish a purpose for your feed that you want to share with your followers. Perhaps your objective is to encourage your audience with moving quotes. Or maybe your goal is to promote health and fitness. Whatever your mission is, make sure you stay consistent with that goal.

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Use the same filter throughout.

This part is crucial! When creating a steady theme for your Instagram, the filter is the most critical part. Each photo should reflect a cohesive look that clicks with your brand.

For example, if you prefer grayish hues and tones like HappilyGrey, then bring down your saturation on each photo and stick with the same muted filter. Or perhaps you prefer white backgrounds with bright pops of color like MonikaHibbs?

The most imperative part of this step is to continue using that filter for every photo you post. When you zoom out from one image and look at your feed as a whole, you want it to aesthetically flow as if it were one big picture. Do not stray from the Instagram path you have chosen!

Post the same subject.

As you follow your “big picture,” commit to one or two specific subjects. What subject makes you feel passionate? There are plenty to choose from, whether it’s puppies, home décor, food, or fashion.

This step probably requires the most discipline because it limits the photos that you should post. These restrictions are a good thing, though, because they will clarify your niche and therefore attract that particular market of followers. It’s better to be known for one clear thing than a bunch of sporadic subjects.

Think before you post.

You have chosen your favorite photo, applied your filter style, formulated that witty caption, and set spunky hashtags. So now what? THINK! Before you press “OK” and post your photo for the world to see, take a quick second to sit back and think. Does this post reflect the theme that I have ingrained into my feed? Is this a subject I’m prone to posting? Is my message clear and my look persistent with previous posts? If so, then it’s time to share with the world!

When choosing a theme for your Instagram feed, the most essential element is picking one that you love. Your followers will feel your passion in your posts, so be confident in the approach you’re taking!

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