Designing a Logo for Kristen Dunn

Kristen Dunn is a full-service real estate company specializing in coastal properties in the Wilmington area with a focus on Carolina Beach.

The Kristen Dunn team is known for its boutique-style real estate approach, which means individualized customer service that is catered to you and your future goals.

Their focus is on building relationships, not just a client base, so they specialize in maintaining a balance of focused vision and a personal connection. The team strives to bring integrity, enthusiasm, and southern hospitality to every project, making Kristen Dunn the premier authority on real estate in our area.


Sage Island needed to highlight these remarkable qualities and rebrand Kristin Dunn as the unique real estate firm that they are. They needed a logo and style that echoed their innovative mission and separated them from their competitors.

The logo was the just first piece of a rebrand, and full website build for Kristen Dunn and her team. Kristin wanted a tropical and playful feel to her new logo, and since we consider ourselves experts in tropical and playful, we were thrilled to get to work.


The coastal vibe that Kristen wanted is right up our alley, so we wasted no time. To create a strong brand identity and an eye-catching logo, we created a fun but upscale logo that really drove home the messaging they wanted to send.

As with most logos, the color scheme was an essential piece of the puzzle. The final pallet was a blend of cool colors like kiwi green, light turquoise, and a crisp white, all evoking the feeling of a peaceful day at the beach- just like the team at Kristen Dunn.

The palm tree mark in the middle of the logo and the robust block font was the perfect combination of professional and approachable.


Kristen Dunn’s new logo is vivid and spirited, just like their firm. It’s not uncommon for clients to end up on a beach cruiser or golf cart during their house tours, and we wanted to highlight this fun and unique side of Kristin Dunn real estate in the logo.

We love the new Kristin Dunn logo!

It catches the attention of current and potential clients and makes everyone feel completely at home.  Check it out the drafts and the final version below!


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