Dumay Gorham

Dumay Gorham is a Wilmington, NC-based artist who utilizes a variety of metals and finishing techniques to make innovative and creative metal sculptures.

Specializing in custom metal designs and fabrication, Gorham also uses copper, brass, steel, and stainless steel to bring his distinct creations to life.

Locals see his work in many notable locations every day – including the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, the New Hanover County Arboretum, and in private homes and businesses in the region – as they continue to help shape the artistic landscape of the area. Open to new projects and challenges, Gorham uses his work to capture the ins and outs of life in coastal North Carolina.

He asked Sage Island to build him a website that displayed his work, described his process, and solicited new commissions.   


The client needed a website that would display the artwork prominently without detracting from it. The website also had to inform users about both the artist and his work. 


Rotating carousel 

Our programming team created a rotating carousel at the bottom of each page displaying a selection of the artist’s work.   

Homepage imagery 

Our designers created an image-heavy homepage to draw users in and give them an immediate reflection of the client’s portfolio.   

Homepage calls-to-action  

The website had a simple goal of directing visitors to view the artist’s work, so we created a prominent call-to-action on the homepage funneling website visitors to the gallery. 

Strategic copywriting 

Our marketing team created homepage messaging that used creative language to draw in visitors and specific search terms to improve the page’s SEO. 


The result is a refreshing and creative site created especially for an innovative and edgy artist.

From dragons to surfers, these creations are customized with quality in mind and Dumay’s new site conveys this. See the results here. 

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