Case Study:

Edgecombe-Martin County Electric

Edgecombe-Martin County Electric strives to deliver exceptional electric energy to its members through the most efficient and reliable methods.

To do this and do it well, they needed a user-friendly website that offered unparalleled customer service.


Because the website for Edgecombe-Martin Electric needs to be easily accessed and navigated by so many customers, it was important for the Sage Island team to think of the overall look and feel. Another priority was the content and functionality, from the perspective of both our client and those who would be using it.


Organization and structure. 

The key to a service-related website’s success is ensuring its intended audience can easily find the relevant pages and functions in as little time as possible. 

With that in mind, the team took a good look at all of the most frequently reviewed items, along with feedback from the client, and arranged the navigation and page hierarchy. We also arranged the calls to action on the home page to make sense to and better serve Edgecombe-Martin’s typical customers.    

User-friendly content. 

In addition to a menu and pages that are easy to navigate, the content itself needed to communicate important points clearly and concisely. 

Our copywriting team compiled company information and existing content from the website to tidy up and transfer to the new one, resulting in pages that are easier to understand and of overall more use to Edgecombe-Martin’s current and potential customers.  

Attention-grabbing design. 

The website got some aesthetic retouches for a generally renewed effect. Our design team arranged for a cleaner page layout and subtle changes to include some white space and smoother transitions using the brand colors. In the end, the pages all look professional yet inviting!

Homepage call-to-action. 

In addition to restructuring the website’s navigation, our design team placed prominent call-to-action buttons on the homepage directing visitors to their most common needs: paying a bill, reporting a power outage, restoring power, and applying for new service. 


The result is an intuitive user experience that allowed its different types of customers to access relevant information quickly.

Visually, the site now reflects the Edgecombe Martin brand and offers the users a seamless experience.

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