Case Study:

Environments Unlimited

Environments Unlimited is a commercial general contracting company that specializes in design-build construction for a variety of customers.

Their client’s success is at the crux of their business, so their approach is based on trust and relationships, no matter the industry or how big the project.

The Environments Unlimited team guarantees quality and innovation – every time. So, of course, it was only natural for them to reach out to Sage Island to obtain a website that reflected this.


Environments Unlimited wanted to update their branding and website, and that’s where Sage Island came in. This company is all about quality from the ground up, so a new website with a fresh logo was a great place to start.

Our client’s previous website was a bit uninspired and didn’t really highlight the quality of their work, or the excitement of the projects they have tackled in our community. They needed a site that could effectively showcase their impressive portfolio so current and prospective clients could better view their range of work.


A modern and upscale layout.

Our programmers created a layout that is professional yet modern, engaging yet systematic. The new logo is prominent and bold, and a menu across the header guides users to the most important pages, making the site easy to navigate. We created a page to emphasize their wide range of services, a projects page to show off their developments, and a forms page to get their clients started on the right foot.

A user-friendly portfolio focused on quality video and photography.

The new portfolio page is the heart and soul of the website. Here, users can view Environments Unlimited work by project, opening each page to see slideshows of photos in a large format. While KFC’s and Taco Bells’ all over North and South Carolina have been EU’s bread and butter, they have an impressive and extensive client list that speaks to their experience and reputation; and they can be seen here.

The design team at Sage also took this opportunity to incorporate an attention-catching video into the home page header. The video not only grabs the viewers but showcases the stylish details and superior work that the Environments Unlimited team puts into every job.

A new logo for all initiatives.

Sage Island’s expert graphic designers created a new and improved logo for Environments Unlimited, creating a modern, sleek, yet dynamic brand that can be adapted for a variety of formats and platforms.


The final result is a robust, easy to navigate, and visually appealing website. Because this website serves as a portal to Environments Unlimited work, the look, and feel of the site needed to capture the energy and mission of the company. To accomplish this, Sage Island’s applied all the above strategies to show visitors what makes EU different from the rest. These concepts paired with copy that is creative and concise, make the website perfectly poised to invite prospective clients in and make them comfortable. At the same time, they explore the best of what Environments Unlimited has to offer.

See for yourself:

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