Five Tips for Connecting With your Customers

Not only is the coronavirus having a direct impact on health, but economically, many businesses are taking a direct hit to their bottom line, with no end in sight.

Many bars, restaurants, and retail shops are being asked to close their doors for the safety of the greater good. With reluctance but understanding, those businesses are following orders hoping to remain operational in the days and weeks to come. 

With uncertainty looming, those businesses are working to get creative and stay connected with customers. Operations that have never before been digital are taking their pitch online. It’s a crowded marketplace at the moment, with inboxes jam-packed with COVID-19 protocol from every business you’ve ever shared your email with, and maybe some you haven’t. Newsfeeds overflow with news coverage, conspiracy theories, and the occasional dog meme to break up the monotony. But how do you fit into the madness and how can you leverage social media and other online tools to stay afloat? Here are five ways you can work to stand out and gain attention while keeping your social distance.  

Utilize tools like Instagram stories to highlight products that may be shipped and produce live events on Facebook, Vimeo or Youtube.

Like browsing an actual store or menu, the Instagram story option is a great location to highlight little snapshots of what you have available to customers, even if they are not able to access it at the moment in person. If interested, the customer can direct message you from the story itself, taking all the guesswork out of moving forward with the sale. Offering free shipping, delivery or curbside pickup of the product is an added benefit. Featuring items and connecting directly with your customers during a live event on Facebook Live, Vimeo or Youtube will also keep you top of mind throughout the day. You can schedule an upcoming conversation you’ll be having live, post the event and ask your customers to attend digitally. 

Keep your customers informed of developments and shifts in services at your business.

Recommendations and requirements are changing frequently so keeping your customers aware of how you are adjusting is key. You may feel that you’re over-educating your customers with this information but all it takes is one person looking for that information for it to be beneficial.  

Work with your customers with understanding and patience and answer all questions, no matter how applicable. Have fun with it and build connections!

Many people’s plans are changing by the minute. Some people are rushing to make things happen before they are not able to do so any longer. Others are having to re-arrange things that have been in the works for months. This is an extremely stressful time for everyone. Offer options for your customers that will provide security in their continued support of your business while also highlighting understanding. Even if you receive questions that online that may not seem applicable, taking the time to address these concerns will go a long way. 

Take this time to ensure that your social media and digital profiles are up-to-date and easy to utilize.

There is no time like the present to make sure that all the information on your social media and digital profiles is correct. Establish your business on Google, create a Youtube Channel, double check your address and phone number on your Facebook Business page. You may not think this is how your customers are finding you but you never know. Having accurate information available to customers will only help you in the long run. 

Create a video to share that highlights your goods or services.

You may not like being on camera and we get it! It’s not for everyone however video content helps connect with those who aren’t able to visit you in person and shows personality that isn’t necessarily available in a text or photo post. People are also more likely to engage with your video content as opposed to other posts. So, forget the camera is rolling and roll up your sleeves! This content will be helpful to your business after you reopen your doors.

If you need some help connecting with your customers during this uncertain time, don’t worry, Sage Island has you covered! Contact us today to speak with someone from our team and we can help.

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