Five Winning SEO Strategies

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing technique used to assure that customers searching for a product or service can easily find a company’s website. Just as a physical location is essential for brick-and-mortar businesses, search engine rankings are critical in driving traffic to a website.

Unfortunately, SEO is not that easy. Many factors go into determining where your website ranks in search results—because of this, optimizing your site for search can be somewhat daunting, so daunting that it often gets ignored. Many companies don’t have the resources to apply the time and manpower required to have a site rank and stay ranked. Fortunately, there are several quick and simple ways to give your website a boost in search. Understanding how search engines rank websites and applying simple SEO strategies will increase traffic from customers.

Try these five tactics from the SEO experts at Sage Island to gain some quick search engine wins for your website.

Utilize keywords. 

Targeting high ranking keywords are low-hanging fruit that provides quick wins for improving SEO performance. Fortunately, the process of finding keywords is easy; it just takes some practice. Implementing keyword-rich content into your website has many benefits that include:

  • Better visibility.
  • Increased traffic.
  • Improved conversions.
  • Brand awareness.

Enhance security.

Many site owners fail to realize the negative impact a cyberattack can have on a website’s search rankings. Google, however, is paying attention to a variety of reasons. If your website lacks security, and Google takes notice, your site could be in some SEO trouble.

Fortunately, there are some easy steps that even an SEO novice can take to protect their site and avoid this negative impact. Here are a few things you should be doing:

  • Make sure you have HTTPS setup.
  • Conduct regular testing to uncover any security issues.
  • Install a security plugin.
  • Update your website regularly.
  • Ensure you and your team are using secure logins and passwords.

Doing these things can help you avoid the negative SEO impact of a cyberattack and help you maintain the search rankings you worked so hard to earn.

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Amp up your linking tactics. 

If you have related content that can link to one another, take advantage of it! Internal linking is powerful and will definitely improve your rank. Internal links connect your content and give Google and other search engines a good idea of your site’s structure. Another positive about internal linking. – you can control what pages it links to and the anchor text that links to another page.

Getting links from external sites with high authority is also vital in improving your organic performance and continuing to focus on quality rather than quantity. Also, be sure to use social to distribute your content to get more high-quality links and endorsements for your content.

Social media. 

Social media profiles rank in search engines, with Facebook and Twitter pages often coming top of the list when searching for brand names. Consistent activity on social channels can make a major difference to a company’s visibility. Many people are just as likely to click on a result that takes them to a Facebook page as they are to your website.

Having a social media plan as part of your SEO strategy could make your organization more visible while also providing you with a platform to share content and showcase your company’s brand.

Optimize images

The images and visual elements you place on your site, in articles, and on pages can be valuable in giving a boost to your search rankings. Adding images, infographics, and other visual elements to your site creates a better experience for users. Any time you can substitute a visual component to explain a concept rather than adding a plethora of unnecessary text can go a long way in connecting with visitors.

Obviously, you can’t eliminate text, or your SEO will suffer. But be sure you add images to enhance your content. Add graphics that explain product features. Add high-quality pictures of your products. Photos add tons of value to your site, and they can also help you rank in search.

While many SEO tactics are very time-intensive and super challenging, these five strategies are a bit easier and can give you some quick wins, and you don’t need to be a seasoned SEO vet to execute these tactics. If you stay consistent and focus on the end goal, these tactics can really give your website a boost in search.

If you need assistance with any of our tips or want to boost your SEO for the long run, contact Sage Island. Let’s get your brand positioned where it belongs in search results.


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