7 Holiday Promotion and Marketing Campaign Ideas

We don’t want to scare you, but the holidays are officially here! We know, they crept up on us too!

But don’t stress, we still have a little time before decking the halls and making the season bright, but the Christmas season is looming, and business owners and marketers alike need to be prepared.

Studies show that nearly 40% of people begin their holiday shopping before Halloween these days. That means you may be a little behind, and it’s time to start your holiday marketing planning.

Get your seasonal sales twinkling bright with some holiday promotions and marketing campaign ideas. These holiday promotion ideas will increase online engagement, bring in new customers, and prepare your business for holiday success!

Build consumer excitement.

Remember the good ole days of holidays past, when the Sears Christmas Wish Book was the influential tastemaker when creating shopping lists? Before Pinterest, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, Google, and Amazon, the Sears catalog was a coveted publication for kids and adults alike.

While these gigantic catalogs have long since gone by the wayside, there’s still an opportunity to create the same type of excitement for your company this season. Use your social channels, email lists, and website to get your business in the spirit of the holidays and highlight the stuff your customers love. One way to do this is to have a Christmas countdown to reveal exciting deals and discounts.

Organize a holiday referral contest.

Another excellent holiday promotion idea is a referral contest. A holiday-themed referral contest can bring yuletide buzz to your brand. Offer an alluring prize to the person who refers the most customers to your business and supply a few smaller rewards for the runners-up.

The holidays are when people exchange insider tips on where to get the best deals and the most fabulous gifts. Take advantage by giving your shoppers an added incentive to spread the word about your company.

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Provide gift discounts.

The bulk of holiday spending is based on gift-giving. Think about how you can provide gift buyer discounts, especially for those who might be interested in buying multiple items.

Research shows that 22% of shoppers will also buy items for themselves while buying gifts for loved ones. Take advantage of this statistic by offering a buy-one-get-one half-off special so people can buy a gift for their family or friends and one for themselves! Service-based businesses, like fitness centers or dance studios, can also take advantage by offering bundle pricing.

Host classes or tutorials.

Now is an excellent time for your business to offer classes or tutorials as a holiday promotion. Your customers will enjoy it, and it’ll be a great way to get them to engage with you and build your brand!

While you can offer free classes, don’t forget that they can be a solid revenue source as well. Outside the holidays, offer a free class, and provide additional frequent specials to encourage sign-ups.

Gift yourself with shopping campaigns.

If you sell physical products and are not using Google Shopping, now is the time to invest in a shopping campaign with Google. These are the perfect reward for your busy online holiday shoppers because they’re convenient and can lead to purchases.

The challenge here will be standing out among all the competition. So be sure to use enticing images and attention-grabbing copy to convert shoppers during the holiday season.

Get creative with a video campaign.

Video is quickly becoming king in marketing and there is no better way to communicate a holiday message this year.

Whether it’s a festive webinar or tutorial, a festive video added to your customer page, or a silly video that you share on social media, get creative to spread some cheer.

Give back.

Of course, giving is a significant part of the holiday season. So why not give back to your customers this year with a gift, discount, or fun event

Here are some other promotions you can use to thank your client base during the holidays:

  • Thank them – If you don’t have much to give, you can always say thank you! Send an email to thank current customers, while telling them the inside scoop on your specials, holiday events, or loyalty programs.
  • Encourage them – While a fun time of year, the holiday season can also be very stressful and strain people’s pocketbooks. Customers love it when a business goes out of its way to show a little appreciation to the people who keep them running.
  • Reward them – You can create holiday-specific rewards or loyalty programs that run the length of the holiday season.

It’s fun to drive excitement and intrigue around an exciting prize. Just don’t get lost in spending additional dollars on a prize that has no connection to you. Holiday promotions are great if they make sense for your customer, your business, and the season.

The secret is to stand out without complicating it for yourself or your customers. The simpler your campaigns and sales messages, the easier and more enjoyable it’ll be for everyone.

If you’re ready to implement some fresh new holiday promotion ideas and generate some record-breaking holiday sales for your business this season, it all starts with a quality marketing strategy! Contact Sage Island for some professional insight and a fresh pair of eyes, and together we can create a profitable holiday season for your business.

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