Marketing Trends to Watch as We Approach the Holidays

As companies prepare for the rollercoaster of holidays that mark the end of the year, it is crucial to outline some of the marketing trends that will be helpful.

However, if you haven’t already integrated any of these marketing trends into your strategy, you are not too late. You can work some if these into your plan right now and still reap the positive rewards.

These trends are not just 2021 fads, but strategies and tactics that will endure for the coming years. Keep reading for some top marketing trends to watch as we approach the holidays!

Website design: Minimalism and practicality.

When you visit a company’s website, you usually have a very specific question you want to be answered or a service you need in mind. But if you must click through an outdated, slow site, special features, or menus within menus to find what you need, you’re less likely to stay on the site or recommend the business to anyone else.

You will see a lot more brands turn to a minimalist approach to their website designs, as well as an emphasis on practical user experiences, rather than the flashy models we’ve all encountered out there in cyberspace.

Get live: Video content and live streaming.

Lockdown restrictions resulted in a major upswing in live activities, especially video live streams. Studies show that live videos are among the most engaging content types since the audience is present and connection happens in real-time.

More so, people perceive live videos as authentic and relatable because they are part of a real-time stream of action.

Content Marketing: Get Personal.

Everyone loves a good story. And when it comes to your brand’s history, your fans want to know how you got to where you are and where you plan to go next. To accurately convey all of that in a way that will appeal to your average audience member, you’re going to have to get personal with your content marketing.

Meaning, they’ll want to hear about how the people behind the brand name built it up, and what they continue to do daily to make sure it keeps growing and improving. Brands that can infuse their stories and culture with as much of their content as they possibly can, will be the ones to shine.

Social Media: Hold a Conversation.

If your followers interact with you on social media, they want to be able to walk away with the impression that they just communicated with a person, rather than a business. This is where you can use innovative strategies to not only connect with those followers but also spice up your accounts and draw in a few more.

Videos, reels, stories, and in-office photos can go a long way in making your brand feel “real” to others by giving them faces, names and even personalities. This supplements their business reputations and gives them and their clients some common ground. In the coming year, more and more brands are going to have to learn how to converse with their followers rather than just pitch them on another platform.

Influencer Marketing.

Influencer marketing has been going strong for a couple of years. For many businesses, 2021 is the first year they have had a dedicated influencer marketing budget, indicating the evolution of this form of marketing.

TikTok and Instagram Reels are emerging as the most common ways for influencers to connect with their audience via short, easily digestible, and engaging videos. Many of these influencer videos combine entertainment and education to maintain the excitement of their audience.

As more people demand authenticity for brands, micro-influencers would continue to be a huge pillar in the influencer marketing industry. Some of these partnerships are sometimes repurposed by brands for ads and marketing content on other platforms.

If you want marketing success, consider making a change using one of these or another up-and-coming trend in your strategy! The experts here on our island are always ready to brainstorm with you and discuss how we can best help you reach your goals, big or small. Get in touch today!

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