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Michele Simpson, DDS- Wilmingtons Smile Design Center

Michele Simpson DDS. isn’t your average dentist and the Wilmington Smile Design Center is no ordinary practice. Specializing in cosmetic dentistry and complete smile makeovers, she needed a fresh website that reflected her innovative approach to dentistry.

At Wilmington’s Smile Design Center, they know that it’s about more than just a smile. From confidence to happiness, your teeth and dental health play a large role in your overall health and wellbeing.

That’s why Dr. Michele Simpson has spent more than a decade offering exceptional dental services, and countless more studying advanced dentistry at the World Renowned Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies. Dr. Michele Simpson and the Wilmington Smile Design Center team are here to help keep you smiling! 


Michele Simpson needed her website redesigned because it was outdated and didn’t reflect the quality of care that she provides to her patient. Similar to a smile, her website is often the first thing that potential patients see about her practice, and making a great first impression is key. Additionally, her website contained duplicate content that could be found on other dental websites created by the same developer. In order to get her web presence up to speed, Sage Island’s team utilized a few key strategies that all add up to a modern and convenient web experience on both mobile and desktop browsers. 


Modern Design 

If you’re asking a potential patient to trust you with their health, it’s important that you appear worthy of that trust. Because of this, it was important to create a simple, clean web experience that works seamlessly across devices. We accomplished this by integrating video, animated images, an informative header, and appropriately utilizing white space to accomplish a clean and modern look. 

Content Creation 

The existing website had plenty of information, but it was duplicate content that could be found on other dental websites around the world. In order to get her website where it needed to be, Sage Island wrote brand new content for the homepage and all interior pages of the site. 

Showcased Important Information 

We understand that the majority of the users on Michele Simpson’s website are there for one of many reasons: to learn more about dental services, to find information about the practice (address, hours, contact info), or to make an appointment. We made sure to highlight all of this information prominently on the homepage and even included a sticky sidebar on interior pages that contains quick access to the office hours, location, phone number, and the appointment portal.


The result is an updated and responsive website, created to simplify processes for current patients, draw in new patients, and highlight the spa-like experience that some when you visit Michele Simpson at Wilmington’s Smile Design Center.   

While her team is dedicated to the patient’s smile, and we are dedicated to revitalizing their patient’s experience starting from the first point of contact – the website.   

Check out their new site here, and give yourself something to smile about!  

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