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Natural Sanitizing Solutions

Natural Sanitizing Solutions is a professional disinfection service company headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Now more than ever, they believe disinfecting indoor environments should be done with naturally occurring ingredients that are better for people, the places we live and work, and the environment.


Natural Sanitizing Solutions has a unique high-technology process perfected to keep people safe and healthy during the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The comprehensive process includes powerful and environmentally safe chemicals, a highly trained staff, and many steps that are best showcased in a video. Some of the jargon and the great qualities of this product can get lost in translation when read from a page.


Natural Sanitizing Solutions knew that a partnership with Sage Island was the best way to promote their business in these unprecedented times. We implemented a video marketing strategy that could be used as a promotional tool across many platforms, including their website and social media.


The final result is a few robust, engaging, and visually appealing videos perfecting created for promotional use. In today’s world, social media platforms serve as a portal to most businesses. So, it’s crucial to convey the company’s mission and capture the positive energy that comes with working with them in these short videos.

And because their process is so detailed, leaves spaces germ-free, and leaves clients feeling as if a burden has been lifted, we wanted to showcase this in light and easily manageable bites for the viewer.

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Natural Sanitizing Solutions

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