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ProBuilt Vacation Rentals

An affiliate of ProBuilt Quality Contractors in Ocean Isle, North Carolina, ProBuilt Vacation Rentals was founded for the express purpose of promoting and renting out the beautiful coastal homes constructed by its parent company.

As demand for vacation rentals in that area continues to rise, so does the need for the right sort of representation for a quality rental company that visitors to the coast can trust. 


At the onset of the project, ProBuilt Vacation Rentals operated mostly through VRBO but didn’t have much of an identity separate from the original ProBuilt entity. Sage Island set about not only creating a website on which to promote the homes, but also helped develop the branding and presence needed to differentiate one company from the other. 



After working as a team to come up with basic branding messages and concepts, we worked with ProBuilt Quality Contractors to narrow down the suggestions and craft a solid platform for the vacation rental company’s brand. This was especially important in regards to color preferences, logo design, and even other pieces like email signatures and business cards, as all of these would need to compliment and support the eventual design of the website.  

The end result was a clean color palette that would accentuate the homes as they were added onto the website as listings. Blues and sand tones were employed to evoke a coastal vibe, and some white space was especially helpful for highlighting particular rental house features and location benefits.   

Content Development   

While there was already plenty to say about the idyllic coastal homes that ProBuilt Vacation Rentals had available already, the production team at Sage Island also needed to come up with language to support the burgeoning company. The idea was to set it apart from its parent company but to maintain a clear connection so that it could still draw on and benefit from the established reputation of the contracting business. We also made sure to optimize our language to help the website with its organic search ratings, ultimately gaining ProBuilt Vacation Rentals optimal exposure in its target audiences.  


ProBuilt Vacation Rentals now has a beautiful and fresh, new website that is easy for clients to navigate. It clearly explains to potential clients what they do, while promoting their brand and telling their story.

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