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SAMM Properties, based out of Wilmington, NC, is a real estate development company experienced in commercial condominium real estate focusing on Class A Office and Retail Space.   

They are the market leader in commercial office and retail condominium space, and for years the region has relied on their experience and professionalism.

However, SAMM needed a fresh website and an appealing social media strategy that showcased this, so they relied on Sage Island.   


Because the owner, Steve Anderson, has been in this business and a Wilmington staple for years, his reputation was already well established.  

Using that momentum, we created a social media strategy that showcased his reputation, expertise, and the fast-paced progress of his projects.     


In addition to a revamped website and a steadfast social media strategy, we wanted to highlight the progress of SAMM’s upcoming projects through the magic of video.  

Because the construction process evolves quickly and significant changes seem to happen overnight, we implemented a video strategy to keep SAMM properties followers in the know. 

Drone footage and live video captured by the Sage Island castaways showcased the leadership of SAMM Properties and the quality of the construction work at Bradley Creek Station. We focused on the essential details of the building process and the amazing progress that was happening daily.  

Video gave their brand an authentic and relatable feel, leading to brand affinity – the coveted relationship between their business and its current and potential client base. It was also an excellent communication tool for internal and external updates. 


The final result is a robust, engaging, and visually appealing social media platform. Because these platforms serve as a portal to SAMM Properties, its mission, and energy needed to be captured in these videos and conveyed to its audience. 

Want to see for yourself? Explore SAMM Properties Facebook page, and see some of the many videos we created. 

Are you ready to build your business with a fresh and engaging video strategy? Contact the Sage Island team today and find out what we can do for you!   

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