Case Study:

Southeast Smiles

Dr. Panchal and the Southeast Smiles team are working to change the world one smile at a time.   

The Southeast Smiles staff offer an innovative approach to dentistry and oral health that blends care and comfort with the latest technology.

You know you’re getting the most out of your Southeast Smiles visit when you leave feeling happy and comfortable, and their philosophy of reducing pain makes it so that their patients feel just that. Dr. Panchal believes in the power of a first impression, and what better way to do that than with a fresh new site and the work of the Sage Island team. 


Southeast Smiles needed a redesigned website because it was a bit outdated and didn’t reflect the quality of care that Dr. Panchal provides to his patients. Similar to a smile, a website is often the first thing that potential patients see about his practice, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  

To get his web presence up to speed, Sage Island’s team utilized a few key strategies that all add up to a modern and convenient web experience on both mobile and desktop browsers.  


Contemporary design. 

If you’re asking a patient to trust you with their health, you must appear professional and worthy of that trust. Because of this, it was essential to create a simple, clean web experience that works seamlessly across devices. We accomplished this by integrating new images, a concise and informative header, fresh fonts, and proportionate white space to achieve a clean and modern look. 

Easy to use technology. 

In today’s world, current and prospective patients must have easy online access to your office. We implemented a user-friendly appointment form, an online contact form, and a patient resources menu that includes all important documents. All with effortless call to actions to drive users to make appointments. 

Fresh, attention-grabbing content. 

To get the Southeast Smiles website where it needed to be, it was crucial to have quality content created for search engine optimization. Sage Island wrote organized and specific content for the homepage and interior pages, not only to capture the attention of patients but to make the site stand out among searches.  


The result Southeast Smiles is an updated and responsive website, created to simplify processes for current patients and draw in new patients.  

The Southeast Smiles team is dedicated to their patient’s smiles, and we are committed to assisting them in revitalizing their patient’s experience starting from the first point of contact – the website.  

Check out their new site, and a wide range of Sage Islands other projects here! 

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