Tech Support

Mozilla Thunderbird

1.) Click the “Start” button in the bottom left corner of your screen. Move your mouse up and over “All Programs” then a long program list will appear. Highlight “Mozilla Thunderbird” and click on “Mozilla Thunderbird” that appears to the right.

2.) Once the Thunderbird mail client opens, click on “Tools” located across the top toolbar. A drop down menu wll appear and at that time click “Account Settings”.

3.) An “Account Settings” window will appear. In the left frame highlight “Server Settings” under the mail account you wish to edit.

4.) To the right, under “Security Settings” place a check mark in the box beside “Use secure authentication”.

5.) Finally click “Ok”.
6.) Congratulations. All the steps required to setup SMTP Authentication for Outgoing Mail have been completed.

To configure a different mail client click here.