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Wilmington Dermatology Center

Wilmington Dermatology Center is one of the leading dermatology practices in North Carolina, offering a full range of general, surgical, and cosmetic services.

In addition to providing access to these procedures, the practice and its staff, led by well-respected dermatologist Dr. Rosalyn George, is actively involved in clinical research, analyzing new treatments and their effectiveness with qualifying candidates.


Wilmington Dermatology Center asked Sage Island to redesign its website to create a more modern, easy-to-navigate user experience. The existing site contained copious amounts of information—more than 40 individual webpages—reflecting the numerous cosmetic and medical procedures offered at Wilmington Dermatology Center. Sage Island’s web development team was tasked with presenting that information in an intuitive, engaging way that wouldn’t overwhelm visitors to the site.


Site organization

We split the site into medical and cosmetic sections to better organize the vast amount of information. Our marketing and development teams determined that patients would most likely be seeking treatment details in either category, so guiding them towards one or the other right away would let them more efficiently find relevant information and make the most of the website’s resources.

To direct people in this way, we created prominent medical and cosmetic call-to-action buckets on the homepage. We also developed medical and cosmetic sub-navigation in our menu.

Image galleries

In marketing a service, there are few methods more effective than a before and after image gallery. People can more easily envision how a procedure will work for them when they see the results on another patient. Therefore, we wanted to highlight Wilmington Dermatology’s library of before and after images in an impressive format.

Our web development team created a display of interactive images, allowing users to toggle between the before and after photos of each procedure. We organized the results galleries based on the part of the body and the condition being treated, in anticipation of how users would navigate the galleries.

Content hierarchy

Each procedure page on the website contained paragraphs of text detailing the history and results of the treatment, answering FAQs, and providing patients with necessary pre- and post-treatment documents.

We created text styles with different weights, colors, and typefaces to apply to the copy to break it up and make it more readable. We also split the pages into two or three columns to shorten the line length of paragraphs, which made the pages more visually appealing and easier for site visitors to read.


The result is an updated and responsive website, created to simplify processes for current patients, draw in new patients, and highlight the spa-like experience that some when you visit the Wilmington Dermatology Center.

While the WDC team is focused on revitalizing their patient’s skin, and we are dedicated to revitalizing their patient’s whole experience starting from the first point of contact – the website.

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Wilmington Dermatology


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