Copywriting 101: Six Traits of Quality Copywriting

Quality copy builds credibility with your audience, increases conversion rates, improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and places you at an advantage over your competitors.

You may know creative copy when you read it, but what outline can you consistently use to create an elite copywriting skill set? Keep reading for six traits of excellent copywriting and how to build them into your writing inventory.

It has a purpose.

Before starting a writing task, all copywriters should ask, “where will this content go, and what are its goals?”

By understanding the purpose, a copywriter can ask the right questions to get the most exciting and relevant for writing. Quality writers should always consider SEO, seamlessly working in keywords as they go along.

It’s original.

There are two main reasons why original content is so crucial. When writing about a topic discussed a lot, such as cooking or travel, the best copywriting is informative and avoids clichés. If a product is described as ‘modern’ or ‘innovative,’ readers become numb to it as the term ends up being a distracting filler. Instead, cite the unique features and benefits of a product and include some testimonials.

The other key to being original comes when repeating information found elsewhere. If a potential customer clicks onto your website and sees a repeating line or paragraph, they will more than likely move on to another page.

It builds connections.

A good copywriter knows how to create a compelling copy that connects to the audience on many levels. Your copy should connect with your readers emotionally and realistically. To achieve that, you must take your readers through the logical sequence that resonates with their needs, expectations, and pain points. Some things to remember when writing to build connections include:

  • Building strong connections with readers goes back to understanding your target audience. To create a compelling copy, you must understand your audience and their thoughts.
  • To better connect with your readers, you can implement the rhetorical triangle. This is the framework that emphasizes the three modes of persuasion – Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.

It avoids jargon.

Some people try to impress others with sophisticated vocabulary or technical jargon. While it can have its place in limited quantities to help establish your authority, you should keep it light. Readers should understand everything you’re saying without having to run to Google. If they need another resource to know what you’re saying, you’re not doing your job.

It understands its audience.

You can’t offer a solution if you don’t know the problem. Target your readers’ needs based on their stage of awareness:

  • Unaware: Talk about what people like them do
  • Pain Aware: Talk about the pain
  • Solution Aware: Talk about options to solve the pain
  • Product Aware: Share your product’s value proposition
  • Most Aware: Show them your offer (features, pricing, etc.)

[Learn more about your buyers’ journey and awareness here!]

It forces action.

Give your audience a reason why they should take action. Quality copywriting will elicit some response from their readers. Creating a compelling call-to-action is essential; that’s no secret. The secret is creating one that gets a reaction. Consider customizing your CTA based on your audience. Some other things to remember are:

  • Use strong command verbs like “shop, “subscribe,” “buy,” or “download.”
  • Use words that provoke emotion and excite your audience.
  • Use numbers when you can. Consumers respond well to seeing discounts, promotions, and incentives.

To become a proficient and profitable copy expert, you’ll need to invest time and energy studying the craft. But the first step is knowing your audience. From there, you can target them by producing content that is informative, readable, promotes action, provides value, and elicits an emotional reaction.

So, are you ready to get writing and launch your new content strategy with these content secrets? If not, it’s okay. The Sage Island team has you covered! Contact us today to speak with someone from our team about your marketing goals, and we’ll help you make it happen!

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