Eight Signs That It’s Time to Outsource Your Marketing

When running a bustling business, many managers are determined to handle it all themselves.

However, managing a marketing strategy is a multifaceted responsibility that requires teamwork, creativity, and consistency. And while most of us have the best of intentions, this can be difficult when juggling other tasks.

Not only do businesses struggle to handle all their marketing efforts alone, but it is also challenging to match the innovative and collaborative method that a versatile team of experts will offer. While working with an agency can be a huge source of relief, it is also a big decision that comes with many financial and productivity considerations.

Not sure if you need outsourced marketing help? Here are eight signs you could benefit from some extra support.

Your staff is overworked.

It’s not uncommon for companies to create small marketing departments, with only a handful of workers responsible for all company efforts. When only a few workers are handling all the marketing, expert specialization is difficult. These people have all the responsibility and are typically stuck handling social media, branded materials, website design, promotional media, advertising, writing, and much more.

Usually, the staff will end up stumbling their way through something they only have a small understanding of and no idea how to do well. Or they will only be able to dedicate a small amount of their precious time to something that deserves more attention.

Productivity is diminishing. 

When too many marketing duties are put on one person or spread across other employees whose skill sets are elsewhere, energy becomes stretched thin, and the quality of work will decline.

Transferring some of the marketing tasks to an agency with experience and expertise will allow the team to refocus and shine in those areas where they are truly qualified.

Sales are declining. 

The truth is, growth and sales suffer when you have people doing too much. If you find that you are putting the responsibility on the wrong shoulders, it’s time to make a change.

A professional marketing agency will allow your company to refocus and apply energy where you are the experts. There will be more opportunities, and you can concentrate on how to improve sales quickly. An outside perspective can help bring in fresh ideas and new clients.

Your team doesn’t include professional writers.

Writing is critical when creating marketing content. Whether your team is creating website copy, email campaigns, brochures, or blog posts, you need knowledgeable writers at the center of your marketing operation.

If you don’t have a team of competent and skilled writers, your message will fall flat and will not strategic objectives in place. When you don’t have content professionals, the team’s goal ends up merely getting the copy done and presentable. This style does not interest your clients and will not benefit your business.

Your branding is outdated. 

If your website or logo is outdated, it can hold back your brand. You want your online assets to reflect your current image and show your audience that you’re relevant in your industry.

As with professional writers, your company must have skilled graphic and website designers to support your content. Designers are the architects behind beautiful web pages and engaging visuals. Don’t let your business look amateur with basic graphics thrown together at the last minute. These visuals, combined with intriguing content, will be your most important sales tools!

Growth is lacking.

If your current marketing tactics aren’t generating results, it’s time to bring in experts.

Marketing agencies have a range of experience, staff several specialized employees, and have unique resources that aren’t available to most businesses. The right agency can achieve better results faster.

On the flip side, if your business is experiencing increased growth, your focus needs to be on accommodating the demand and managing your continued growth strategy. Despite its importance, marketing can become a low priority during busy times. To continue the momentum by outsourcing marketing, so it’s one less thing to manage.

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Analytics are a mystery.

Marketing is about testing and adjusting based on data and insight. However, if you’re not sure which of your efforts are working because you don’t understand the analytics, all of your efforts will be a waste of time.

Quality marketing agencies have employees that truly understand analytics and how they work so, they can be applied to your strategy for constant improvement.

You don’t have a plan for the future.

To keep a competitive edge as marketing technologies expand and develop, your business must adapt by implementing modern solutions like video production, automation, and content marketing.

Not applying any of these strategies or technologies? Reach out to a marketing company right away to get your company up to date.

You can’t expect new, qualified leads and a positive brand image to spring from staying stagnant and going about business as usual. You need to make a major change to see major results.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? An expert marketing agency can infuse innovation and creativity with your business model to ensure your company makes a significant impact.

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