How to Make Your Message Heard in a Digital World

Content is king. And yet, in the transition from traditional and digital marketing, it’s easy to overlook content and our brand message in favor of flashy graphics and over-the-top presentation.

Despite these temptations, content remains the cornerstone of marketing. No matter the medium, the challenge is figuring out what you want to say and how best to shout it from the rooftops. Thanks to social media and other great digital marketing tools, the shouting part is easy. However, crafting the right content is much more challenging. That’s why Sage Island is here to help you focus your message to it wields the most power.

Who is listening? 

The first step in any marketing venture is to know your target audience; answering this question will guide you through the difficulty of how to go about maintaining a communicative relationship with key influencers.

  • Are there age demographics to consider?
  • Certain lifestyles or personal interests?
  • Does geography play a role in who you want to reach?

Knowing one’s audience opens the door to effective engagement once the right people start listening to what you have to say. This is excellent news, as digital media relies on listeners receiving the message and providing feedback, whether in the form of a comment or a simple click.

Careful consideration.

Once you know who might be listening, the next question to ask yourself is how to start a conversation. It’s always better to talk to potential clients and consumers rather than drone on in a one-sided monologue.

When constructing well-formulated messages – whether for social media updates or blog posts – it’s essential to identify which platforms are the best fit for your content. While this information is also critical to that coveted business-client relationship we mentioned, it’s typically on social media that companies tend to feel a tad lost.

Break down your strategy. 

From Facebook to Pinterest to Snapchat, each social media platform provides its own set of limitations, but these can be a blessing in disguise. Rather than waxing poetic on your new products in a lengthy post, why not use Twitter’s allotted 140 characters to catch someone’s eye and let a link to your website do the rest? Facebook or Instagram offers a quick and easy way to display attention-grabbing graphics with a few more words, again reeling in your audience before they reach the more detail-oriented content of your website.

When considering how best to spread the word in the digital arena, it’s best to decide how swiftly you can hook your readers and what will bring them back for more, rather than unloading all the available information at once and hoping it will entice the intended audience.

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Each platform caters to a different set of sensibilities and priorities, and not all content can be displayed equally. However, once you choose which ones to employ and gain a decent following with your stellar content, it’s all about maintenance and interaction.

We hope these initial tips help get you started on your first forays into the world of successful digital marketing! If you need further suggestions or guidance, the Sage Island crew is happy to assist you along the way.

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