Six Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

The holiday season is a crucial time for many small businesses, and though you may not have the resources of a large business, you can still capitalize on the most joyous season of the year!

If your business marketing strategies are solid, they can go a long way during the holiday hustle and bustle. What’s more, it’s the perfect opportunity to grow your customer base and turn one-time buyers into frequent shoppers who will return to your business even after the holidays are over.

Unfortunately, we know all too well how tough it can be to stand out from the millions of other businesses pushing their own holiday agenda. Luckily, you won’t need a large budget to make a significant impact this holiday. Check out these six clever and cost-effective holiday marketing ideas to give your small business a boost this Christmas.

Take part in all those big sales.

Your competitors will be using big sales and deals to their advantage, and to keep up, you will need to as well.

Decide what promotions you want to offer during the big shopping days, maybe consider extending the sales through the entire week following. Make these sales available in stores and online so your shoppers can adjust their schedules.

Adjust your social media strategy.

Strategic and seasonal social media is one of the most affordable and effective ways to reach your audience.

This season, adjust your posting frequency, get creative with what you share, and make it timely. This is an excellent opportunity to schedule posts about sales, discounts, and new products or services. Share some lifestyle content that gives people a sneak peek into your brand’s culture and a behind-the-scenes look into daily events. Some other ideas include:

  • Host a chat or post a poll on Facebook or Instagram to drive engagement.
  • Create a live video experimenting with a product.
  • Utilize the Instagram stories to show off your latest product or highlight a great deal.
  • Create a contest or giveaway to get your followers sharing and engaging.

In addition to jazzing up your content and your small business, remember to update all your platforms for the holidays. Just like you would decorate a storefront, liven’ up those social accounts with some virtual holiday decor too.

Publish valuable and shareable holiday content.

If your company publishes a digital newsletter or blog, the holidays are a great time to create content that plays upon your customers’ holiday needs. Consider what important information you can offer customers this time of year. If you sell home decor, you could create a guide for decorating your home for Christmas or hot Christmas gift ideas for the current year.

Whatever you decide to write, make sure to include SEO keywords to improve your ranking for organic searches. Providing quality content has a purpose, and you need to ensure you are focused on the goal as you create your copy. Make sure you are doing the following:

  • Building credibility with customers.
  • Attracting new customers.
  • Increase website traffic.
  • Make your business relatable.

Utilize social targeting ads.

You don’t have to increase your marketing budget to see results; you just need to get more resourceful with the tools at your fingertips. Facebook and other social ads are inexpensive and effective ways to boost engagement and brand awareness during the holidays. Follow these tactics to get started:

  • Use seasonally appropriate creatives – Use holiday-themed copy, images, and videos to connect with your customers and motivate them to purchase.
  • Highlight sales and promos – Your customers are already expecting discounts during the holiday season, so use your social ads to push them to make that purchase they’ve been considering.
  • Identify your potential customers – These are the people who’ve visited your business’s website yet have not made a purchase. You can target these potentials by using filters to create a custom audience.
  • Keep an eye on your competition – Watching your competitors’ ads and strategies is always a good idea, but it’s crucial during the holiday shopping season.

Partner with influencers. 

Shoppers are searching for the perfect gift ideas during the holiday season, and many of them consider recommendations crucial. To get your small business seen by more potential customers, consider utilizing people who have large platforms.

Don’t just choose anyone with a large audience and assume it will be effective. Do your research and connect with someone whose brand and values align with yours.

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Collaborate with a local charity. 

People like supporting businesses that support their community and share their values. The holiday season is all about goodwill, so consider partnering with a local charity to give back and boost sales at the same time.

Shoppers are looking for opportunities to give to worthy causes during the holidays, so facilitating the donation process for your customers will happier and may push them more to buy more.

Boosting your holiday marketing efforts without draining your budget sounds overwhelming initially, but all you need is the right approach. Focus on low-cost, high-impact strategies that engage customers and increase conversions.

If you plan ahead and use these holiday marketing tips, you should be able to get the word out to your followers that you’re ready for the holidays and the sales and discounts have arrived. Move quickly and get the ball rolling right now by contacting the team at Sage Island today. Enjoy the holiday momentum and get your business on your customer’s nice list.

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