How LinkedIn Can Help Grow Your Business

More than 40 million companies have opted in to LinkedIn’s Company Pages to connect with 700 million+ professionals.

This means two things: more and more companies are allocating resources to this professional social network, and the incentive for companies to stand out is continually increasing. This isn’t breaking news, of course. Competition is fiercer than ever, especially when it comes to social media marketing. To stand out, it is imperative for companies to think like content marketers when it comes to developing quality content, establishing brand identity through successful design, and continually setting and measuring social media goals for their business.

More than that, companies need to cover all their bases to compete in the new digital marketing landscape. LinkedIn has unlimited potential for all types of businesses. Whether your company is a high-profile corporation or a startup, you can leverage LinkedIn to attract and engage with your target audience.

What Is LinkedIn marketing and why is it important?

A few years back, LinkedIn was considered only to be for B2B businesses. Over time, though, the platform evolved to become the largest professional social network in the world, with both professionals and organizations sharing a myriad of information. The collaborative factor continues to be essential, and status updates keep us well connected and professionally in the know.

LinkedIn Groups connect brands and individuals with a common interest, fostering a sense of community that allows anyone and everyone to contribute to productive conversations. These high-level qualities alone are what businesses are thriving on today: sharing valuable information, establishing expertise, making connections, and building a community around their brands.

Over the last few years, LinkedIn has quietly rolled out a ton of engagement-driving features. Things like quick reactions and interactive polls make this platform a go-to destination for professional conversations and interactions.


Sounds like a pretty powerful network, no?

Develop your LinkedIn Company Page.

When it comes to developing your LinkedIn Company Page, paying attention to details ensures that people perceive your business as polished, professional, and trustworthy. Be sure to use your company’s voice to thoughtfully and strategically complete each piece of your profile.

PRO TIP: For the safety and trust of members, you must have a personal profile that reflects your true first and last name to create a Page or help manage one. If you create a personal profile with the name of a business, association, or group, your account may be flagged as spam or abuse.


This network is designed for you and your business. Maximize it.

Optimize your LinkedIn Company Page.

Building a LinkedIn Company Page is fairly straightforward, but optimization and strategy is oftentimes a struggle for companies—which is where Sage Island can offer strategic direction and execution.

Attract the right audience by using relevant keywords in your profile. (Remember: the most effective SEO tactics begin with keyword research.) How do your customers find you on the web? What are they searching for? Develop a list of key phrases and be sure to incorporate them into your company description. For visual appeal, use high-resolution, professional photos that tell your brand story.

With the addition of LinkedIn ads and sponsored updates and the general trend toward paid advertising across social platforms, companies are left wondering where to allocate marketing dollars. Our advice? Consider your personas. LinkedIn Ads can specifically target your demographic by industry, geographic location, seniority, age, groups joined, and more.

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Empower your audience.

Once you’ve optimized your Company Page, it’s time to take to work towards building your community: empowering your audience. And the best way to empower your audience is to give them a voice. Share news, tips, and other insightful information, and ask what they think about your perspective. Remember it’s okay to be challenged or proven wrong.

Social is all about humanizing your brand—being an approachable resource—and empowering those you serve with thoughtful content and mindful, meaningful engagement. Some ways you can empower your audience include:

  • Monitor your customer’s questions and be as helpful as possible as often as possible.
  • Be strategic with the conversations you engage in and the other companies you follow.
  • Leading and engaging in group conversations is beneficial in several ways: it establishes you as an expert in your industry and connects you with other organizations that can, in turn, bring you more business.
  • You’ll stay in the loop on potential business opportunities simply by following companies in your industry. Always listen.

Standing out among the crowd is challenging—and the stakes are high as a small business owner. Contact Sage Island today to develop your LinkedIn strategy and find a voice that nurtures and grows a loyal network.

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