Case Study:

The DeHu Shop


The Dehu Shop is a one-stop-shop for all thing’s dehumidifier.  

Whether you are a DIY warrior, or maybe you are simply replacing an existing unit, The Dehu Shop will save you time and money.

The expert staff will help you find exactly what you need to keep your home comfortable and safe. Their website needed to reflect all of this, which is where we come in! 


Starting a new business is never easy, but gearing up for that first round of promotion takes some effort. Having a fresh start was both a benefit and a challenge in this case – Sage Island got to create the company’s online presence from the ground up, but that, in turn, involved a little branding and design collaboration.    


We utilized custom imagery and graphics.  

For this particular site, the Sage Island design team went with a smart and straightforward approach to navigation. We wanted to highlight the services offered by The Dehu Shop, but it was also important to showcase the products and the learning tools that are provided here.  

Led content direction. 

Sometimes a business already has a solid foundation for what information needs to be featured on the website. Such was the case for The Dehu Shop. So, our team got busy refining and adding some of our content to supplement the general details about the company.    

Created an eye-catching logo that reflected business goals. 

In addition to constructing an engaging and informative website, Sage Island created a new logo to clearly represent the company. In keeping with the moisture theme, we utilized cool colors and a water symbol illustrating a fresh and clean feel. 

Built a new E-commerce platform. 

Our programmers worked hard to create an organized layout that made it easy to find Dehu’s wide range of products. The Dehu Shops’ site needed to be clean, polished, and easy to navigate. Because they offer so many different types of products, it was essential that their clients be able to find and filter products easily. For many who visit this page, it is the first interaction they have with the company. And as we all know, you never get a second chance to make a first impression   


With a clean layout, fresh logo, e-commerce platform, and detailed images, The Dehu Shop and its customers can now enjoy a professional and user-friendly site that streamlines products with essential information.  

See the results here: 

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