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Marketing For Education & Childcare Professionals

Implementing a curated strategy to establish expertise

Marketing For Education

Whether it’s providing adults with new skills, arts education, or childcare for busy parents, your job is all about shaping minds and improving skill sets.

And because it’s such an important part of growth and experience, it’s also imperative that the opportunity to learn be made available to everyone. That’s why any education or childcare professional needs to invest in a comprehensive marketing plan to help spread the word to potential students.

With the help of an innovative marketing agency, it’s easier than ever to distinguish your educational program or childcare alternative from the rest in your region. Investing in website developments, content management, and other related services through Sage Island’s team of experts can help you continue to make a difference for countless curious minds.

“Our team at The Forté Institute enjoyed the entire process of working on our new website with Sage Island! From start to finish, they are thorough in their communication with clients to make sure you are aware of every detail and upcoming deadline. Highly recommend the team at Sage for your marketing needs.”

— Caroline Merrill, Managing Director of Accounts & Projects, The Forté Institute
01 —
Brand & Visual Identity

Give your charges a face and name they can trust

When our marketing experts take a look at your overall branding, we make sure that you present a united image with which your students and their parents can interact on a regular basis.

Just like a valuable education, your brand should be consistent so as to accurately communicate what your goals are and what you’re about.

02 —
Mobile / Responsive Design

Learning opportunities, no matter where your students are

Outside the classroom, your website is an essential tool not only for your current pupils, but also any potential ones scoping out the best learning opportunities in their area.

We design your website not only for logical organization, but also so that it can be accessed on the go and at any time.

03 —
Front & Back-end Development

Optimize resources on all sides

When we redesign your website, we take a look at all the angles to be sure that it’s operating at its highest functions and providing your students with the tools they need to succeed.

This means working on the functions they’ll use as well as the ones you’ll need to modify in the future to reflect administrative concerns, like forms and internal pages.

04 —
Dynamic Informational Resources

Help students and parents stay on top of your schedule and events

The various aspects of the holistic educational experience don’t all occur within the four walls of a classroom, and neither do the administrative or social components.

We implement dynamic informational feeds and resources to give students and parents automatic updates to calendars, administrative announcements, forms, and more.

05 —
Email Marketing Campaigns

Include everyone in the learning process

Learning is a continuous team effort, so we help you put together an email structure and plan to keep everyone in the loop when something new comes up, or if there is an important message to send. In doing so, you can be sure that all of your students and their support systems are on the same page as you are.

If you’re ready to embrace an inventive way to promote your education and care expertise, contact Sage Island and we’ll get to work on a lesson plan of sorts for you and your staff to make the most of your online presence

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