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Marketing For Health & Wellness

Implementing a curated strategy to establish expertise

Marketing For Health & Wellness

Marketing for Health & Wellness

While you provide personalized care for your patients, it’s up to others to tell your story.

With every facet of the medical profession, there are categories of patients that are more likely to need your specialized care, or be interested in the type of services you and your staff provide.

But how do you get the word out to these specific groups so that they know who to turn to when they need treatment? You’re busy with your work and serving your patients, but your practice still needs to be visible and available to potential patients on a plethora of platforms.

This is when it helps to have a trusted marketing agency on your side to introduce you to innovative and eye-catching ways of engaging with returning as well as new patients. At Sage Island, our team works with you to formulate a marketing plan that fits your practice’s persona and goals, so you can focus on what’s most important: your patients!

“Sage Island had done a super job with the web design for my company. I recently added some marketing services that are off to a great start. The design team at Sage Island have already significantly increased my visibility on key social media platforms.”

— Jonathan Hancock, BSN, MSN, NP-C & Founder,
The SimpleClinic, PLLC.
01 —
Mobile / Responsive Design

Leave a calling card without ever stepping out of the office

We build and host websites with usability and functionality, in addition to style and aesthetics.

This is an especially effective strategy when applied to a website meant for patients because it means that the end result will be a responsive layout that makes it easier for them to learn more about your practice.

02 —
Contact Touchpoints

Create a direct line of communication

As a healthcare provider, one of your main concerns is probably whether or not your patients have the means to get in touch with you should they need your expertise.

When we design websites for those in your profession, we make sure to include plenty of contact methods that are easy to locate throughout the website.

03 —
Long-form Content Marketing

Build a reputation and gain traction in the online community

Informative and engaging blog posts and content landing pages can help establish you and your staff as authority figures in the medical services industry by providing website visitors relatable information.

We write and format content with your input to make it easy to read and share, thereby drawing in more potential patients and improving your online visibility.

04 —
Brand Awareness

Let your patients provide the second opinion

While it’s fairly common not to eagerly anticipate one’s next visit to a doctor, that doesn’t mean that your patients didn’t have a positive experience while in your care.

We gather reviews from your regular patients, then get permission to use them on your website and social media to showcase the advantages of visiting your office.

05 —
Social Media Marketing & Positioning

Stay in touch with your patients until their next appointments

Social media is a great place to engage with your patients and reestablish a positive relationship with them when they aren’t in your office for a visit.

As such, we incorporate humanizing content like spotlights on doctors and other members of staff and relevant current events as well as links back to the site.

06 —
Lead Generation

Use patient feedback as a guide

Another key component of your marketing strategy is to interact with interested individuals based on what they want from you as a healthcare professional.

We help accomplish this by creating and monitoring lead-generating forms, which help get some valuable background from potential patients.

Contact Sage Island today to discuss the best marketing approach for your office and staff, and we’ll start implementing a personalized campaign that shows returning and new patients what to expect from a stellar medical service provider.

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