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Implementing a curated strategy to establish expertise

Marketing For Lawyers

We know that your career isn’t just a means to an end – it’s the difference between a conflict and a resolution.

What are the first words that come to mind when you think of lawyers? Case, court, attorney: but probably not marketing or social media, right?

But the fact remains that, in a digitally-powered era, law firms can’t rely on print advertising and word of mouth alone to draw in new clients as well as maintain a relationship with those they have already guided through legal proceedings.

Just like any other service-centric entity, law firms need to embrace new ways of promoting themselves to the public. Luckily, with the right marketing agency on your side, the transition can be a smooth one; Sage Island’s team of experts is ready and able to help you with yours!

“My experience with Sage Island has been an absolute pleasure. They are always brainstorming new ideas and new ways to reach our target market. Before retaining Sage Island for our firm’s website and marketing needs I felt like all marketing was a waste of funds. However, in the last 18 months Sage Island has changed my opinion and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

— Brett Wentz, Attorney & Founder, 
Wentz Law Firm
01 —
Mobile / Responsive Design

Provide an informative background, no matter where you client is

Since potential clients are usually brought to your website because they already have need of legal assistance, your website needs to be responsive and user-friendly, even on the go.

We can organize your site so that your clients can easily find the service they need and navigate your website from a phone or tablet if the case arises.

02 —
Contact Touchpoints

Helping you keep in touch with your clients

As a law firm, it’s imperative that your clients have more than one way to get in touch with you.

In addition to a comprehensive contact form, we make sure that the relevant details are accessible on corresponding pages of your website to keep your clients feeling secure in their communication with you.

03 —
Brand Strategy

Consistency helps boost your reputation as an invaluable resource

Another key component to your website design and overarching marketing strategy is establishing a tone and style for all of your content.

Your website then culminates into a collection of brand materials we create, resulting in one cohesive presentation for potential clients to peruse online.

04 —
Content Development & Management

Create an easy path to your firm in the digital world

When you choose relevant blog post topics to write about and publish on your website, you put yourself forward as an authority figure in your field and steadily build trust with your audience.

But a blog isn’t just good for showing how knowledgeable you are. We research the right phrases and what your client base is most curious about when it comes to legal matters to increase the likelihood that you will appear first on Google searches and on other popular resources.

Link your expertise with our marketing strategy

We also create an easily followed pathway throughout the website when we synchronize blog topics with service landing pages; clients can get the basic idea of the practice area they need to address with a lawyer, and then read about relevant topics that solidify your firm as a knowledgeable resource.

05 —
Client Testimonials

Let the words of your clients tell parts of your story

One of the best ways to establish a bit of faith is to gather some honest client testimonials

We add these recommendations to your website and periodically share them on your social media platforms to give followers a more personal account of what they can expect from working with you.

06 —
Social Media Marketing & Positioning

Connect with your clients on multiple levels by going social

When we manage attorneys social media profiles, we include a healthy mix of current events and links to your firm’s website.

We also avoid stock photos as much as possible and use background information on the actual lawyers that work in the office to show clients that, though the firm is a professional entity, it’s also made up of individuals that work hard on each case.

If your law firm is ready to step into a more modern approach to marketing, contact Sage Island for a consultation and to get started on a comprehensive plan that will help you put your best foot forward.

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