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Marketing For Real Estate

Implementing a curated strategy to establish expertise

Marketing For Real Estate

Marketing for Real Estate

Your work isn’t just about selling a home or securing one for a new resident; it’s about building up your community.

While a sale will certainly help keep you in the real estate business, there are many steps and considerations that go into your work as an agent, whether you’re helping someone sell or buy his or her next home.

Believe it or not, your marketing agency operates similarly; with several goals at a time in mind and multi-faceted approaches for achieving each one, it’s never just about making your business more visible. It’s just as important to create ties within the community and establish you as the area’s go-to representative in real estate.

To do all of this, you need a marketing agency that’s well versed in cultivating holistic digital and traditional strategies that capture the local vibes and represent you in the most creative ways available. Sage Island’s marketing pros are up to the task, and ready with some innovative ideas for boosting your presence in the community!

“Thank you Sage Island for helping put Hobbs Realty on the map! We’ve enjoyed our long standing marketing partnership and we look forward to continuing our creative adventure for years to come. You are the best!”

— Rachele Hobbs, Administrative Director, 
Hobbs Realty
01 —
Brand & Visual Identity

Use an agency-wide style to become an unforgettable presence

As a recognizable face in both your region and within the real estate industry itself, it’s important that you present a consistent front for each client interaction.

We work with you to establish your brand and overall tone so that all of your materials – from the website to your business cards – reflect your agency under one reliable identity.

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02 —
Intuitive Website Navigation

Make it easy for your clients to get to know you and your services

When we update your website, we make sure that it’s easy to navigate and find precisely what either buyers or sellers need in order to take the next step in working with you.

This helps eliminate confusion or frustration, and endears your agency to clients before they even get in touch to buy or sell a home.

03 —
Content Development & Management

Combine business and pleasure in order to enhance your brand’s identity and visibility

Blog posts and landing pages can accomplish two things: making your site more visible by improving your SEO return, and providing clients with relevant topics about real estate in general or the area in which you mainly do business.

Essentially, with well-written and promoted content, we help you become the resident expert in your community.

04 —
Social Media Marketing & Positioning

Engage with your audience using shared interests and common ground

We optimize your social media channels so that they’re more than just another outlet for ads regarding houses for sale.

With a mixture of area events, local news, agency background information, and service details, we supplement those ads and give the pages a more developed identity as they represent your business.

05 —
Traditional Advertising

Embrace the traditional route as an extension of your digital strategy

Even in a digitally-charged age, a traditional ad can go a long way in the real estate business. We work with you to develop the right messages and appealing layouts that will draw the attention of your clients and give them a positive introduction to the way you conduct your sales.

While the housing market has its ups and downs, it’s never an inopportune moment to dial into your marketing strategy. Contact Sage Island to begin creating yours, and we can get you back to what you do best – loving where you live and helping others do the same!

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